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Political Correction - James Forte (One Act Play)
The Broken Slipper - Yvette Wall (One Act Black Comedy)
​The Mechanic of Venice - James Forte ( One Act Play)
The Sisters of Judas - Yvette Wall (One Act Comedy)


Looking at The Alps - Yvette Wall - (One Act Drama)
Tip Of the Spear - James Forte - (Dramatic History Monoluge)


Tip of The Spear - James Forte ( Dramatic History)

Murder Mystery

You Scratch My Back - 2 Act Play by John Lewington


Basin Street Blues  by John Beaton

Short Plays

Looking at The Alps - Yvette Wall  (One Act Drama)
Political Correction - James Forte (Comedy)
The Broken Slipper - Yvette Wall ( One Act Black Comedy)
​The Mechanic of Venice - James Forte ( One Act Comedy)
The Sisters of Judas - Yvette Wall (One Act Comedy)
​Tip Of the Spear - James Forte - (Dramatic History Monoluge)

John Beaton
Ph: 0431 677 759

About the Author

Basin Street Blues

Basin Street Blues
A Musical by John Beaton

:  TONY is a brilliant piano player who plays  Ragtime and Blues piano in the most expensive brothel in New Orleans in 1917.  The one girl TONY loves, who works in the ‘Sporting House’ owned by the outrageous, diamond wearing Madam, LOTTIE  is PEARL.  But she is dominated by a young thug and pimp, FRANK LEWIS and she won’t leave The House of the Rising Sun despite TONY wanting her to go with him to Chicago.
This love story plays out with jazz and blues songs from the era and little known dances like the Cakewalk, in the last week before the whole famous sporting district of Storyville was closed by the US Federal head of the Navy.  That was the end of Storyville -  and the beginning of Jazz.
But what happened to TONY? And Frank and most importantly -  to PEARL?

TONY JACKSON            Piano player
PEARL JEROME            Singer and prostitute
LOTTIE FISCHER          Brothel madam
JOSIE ARLINGTON       Young brothel madam
RITA                               Maid
LULU                             Young prostitute
ROBERT                        Young man
GUS PALMER                Railroad worker
AUGUSTE DUMONDE   Fake, wealthy bon vivant
HENRI DUMONDE         His young son
FRANK LEWIS               Tough pimp
    GIRLS                            Working girls in the "Sporting House"
    JOHNS                           Customers of the brothel.

Staging Requirements: Brief description of setting

     One set.  The drawing room and bar of the expensive and exclusive        brothel -  The House of the Rising Sun -  and one bedroom above.
      Approximate performance length in minutes 80

Performed at Marloo Theatre in 2015, directed by Aarne Neeme. 
14 s.o. performances.

Performance Rights
These may be obtained from the playright John Beaton

Photo from Marloo Theatre production
Director Aarne & Playright John Beaton with Lottie & Josie

James Forte
PO Box 88,Nedlands 6009,
Western Australia.

About the Author

Political Correction

Political Correction
A one-act comedy by James Forte

A situation comedy (1F, 2M, 35 minutes) designed for small theatres – with a single minimal set and limited sound, lights, costumes and props required.  This play builds on people’s contempt for the standards found in our politicians.  This short ensemble piece is designed as a challenge in changing character for the three actors. All have to exhibit multiple, complete reversals in personality within a short period of time.  The play should be of appeal to audiences who dream of sorting out our politicians once and for all.

"The only way you can challenge a scientific theory is with better science."
....lectures our heroine to the local Member of Parliament.

Sarah, a university student, has long dreamed of beating a few important truths into the head of local MP, Frank Armstrong – ever since she was at primary school and he promised the students a new swimming pool.  A promise which was never delivered.  Her younger brother, Colin, is much more relaxed about life.  One evening, Frank calls to see Sarah’s father and gain help for a bill before parliament.  However, Sarah has ensured that her parents are out and has recruited Colin to help with the trap she has set.

Sarah is all kindness and innocence while Colin acts very hard – logically and viciously contradicting their guest’s views.  Frank soon realises that he will not be meeting their father and starts to leave – at which point Colin produces a gun and tells him to sit down.  Sarah now becomes a tyrant - lecturing the captive Frank on all his faults. 

Eventually Frank snaps and fights back and the consequences become unpredictable.  Will Frank become a changed man?  Perhaps.  Will Sarah and Colin ever try this again?  Well... 

SARAH STRATHMORE: a 19-year-old student.  She is something of an idealist.
COLIN STRATHMORE: her easy-going, sports oriented 17-year-old brother.
FRANK ARMSTRONG: middle aged, the local (rather lazy and ineffective) MP.

Political Correction premiered at the Marloo Theatre, Perth in August 2013 directed by Douglas Sutherland-Bruce with Mel Scott as Sarah; Harry MacLennan as Colin and Alex Sutton as Frank. It was awarded “Best Local Play” at the Hills (One-act) Festival of Theatre, Perth in September 2013.
A radio version was recorded for broadcast by KCR-FM, Kalamunda in October 2015, directed by Terry Hackett with Sarsi Grace as Sarah; Caleb Robinson-Cook as Colin and John Bevan as Frank.
The script has been published by Moore Books in the collection: Four by Forte – The Young People of Today – Volume One, Moore Books, Adelaide.  ISBN 978-1-921918-44-5

Performance Rights
These may be obtained from
Moore Books SA, PO Box 417, Kilkenny 5009, South Aust.
or direct to the author,
Photo from Marloo Theatre production by Steve Scott.

The Mechanic of Venice

The Mechanic of Venice

A one-act comedy on a theme of Shakespeare 

A romantic comedy (2F, 3M, 40 minutes) designed for small theatres – with a single minimal set and limited sound and lights required.  This play takes a subplot of The Merchant of Venice, the casket scene, and comments on the custom of arranged marriages.  It does, however, have a serious central message: If everyone else is cheating, does that make it morally acceptable, even necessary, to cheat too?

The lady Portia is young, rich and beautiful - and a target for all sorts of dubious marriage suitors.  Her father is dead, but he left her a test to ensure she gets a husband who is worthy.  That is, one who is prepared to risk all to gain her hand.  One who can deduce which of three small caskets (painted gold, silver and lead) contains her portrait. 
However, Portia is also smart.  Why should she wed someone decided by some farcical competition - over which she has no control?  It is time to stack the odds a little more in her favour.  She has nothing against arranged marriages – providing she is doing the arranging!  So she seeks the assistance of Giovanni, a skilled woodworker, to modify the three caskets.  This man is also something of a mechanic and magician.  Will he be willing to help Portia get her man?  Or does he have his own agenda?
As with all plots, things do not run smoothly.  Of the suitors, Bassanio is the best of the bunch.  He is ardent, honest and noble but totally outclassed when it comes to cheating.  Can the Mechanic ensure that all’s well that ends well?
In Scene One, Portia and her maid Nerissa interview Giovanni. The list of nine suitors is reviewed and it is clear that Bassanio, on the end of the queue, has little chance.  The casket test is set up.  In the very short Scene Two, a series of asides to the audience reveal that everyone is cheating.  Scene Three runs much as in Shakespeare’s play with Morocco and Arragon being eliminated and a plot developed to remove the other six before Bassanio.  Scene Four is next morning when it becomes clear that the plot has gone awry and Portia is facing certain marriage to the disreputable Baron Falconbridge.
If you know that everyone is cheating, does that make it acceptable to cheat too?  Portia does so in Shakespeare’s original when she uses the fine print to free Antonio and catch Shylock.  And again in the casket scenes where she orders the placing of wine on the gold casket to mislead one suitor and the singing of songs that rhyme with lead to steer Bassanio in the right direction.  Romance devotees appear happy to accept that the end justifies the means if the boy and girl marry at the final curtain.

PORTIA, a young heiress, who is beautiful, intelligent and skilled in the law.
NERISSA, Portia’s rather disreputable lady-in-waiting.
GIOVANNI, a casket-maker and mechanic of Venice – between 30 and 50 years old.
BASSANIO, a young Venetian gentleman - noble and in love with Portia.
SUITOR, one actor to play all the villainous lords (Morocco, Arragon, Falconbridge).

The Mechanic of Venice premiered at the Marloo Theatre, Perth in September 2014, directed by Marjorie DeCaux with Claire Mosel as Portia; Alyssa Burton as Nerissa; Paul Reed as Giovanni; David Blain as Bassanio and Ryan Marano, Jack Williams and Harry MacLennan as Suitors.
The script has been published by Moore Books in the collection: Forte, J (2013) The Plots Thicken – The Young People of Today – Volume Two, Moore Books, Adelaide.  ISBN 978-1-921918-50-6

Performance Rights
These may be obtained from
Moore Books SA, PO Box 417, Kilkenny 5009, South Australia          
or direct to the author,

Tip of The Spear

AnchorThe Tip of the Spear

A military monologue by James Forte

A dramatic history (1M, 15 minutes) designed for small theatres – with no set and limited sound, lights and props required.  This drama relates a true story from World War Two. The play should be of appeal to anyone interested in how one person can cheerfully face a near-impossible mission and go on to change history. 

On the day of the biggest armed invasion in history, there had to be someone who was first.  The first to land on enemy territory, ahead of the pioneers, pathfinders and paratroopers; the very point of the blade of the spear.  In fact it was a quite ordinary man.  Circumstances gave him this role of spear-tip and he achieved something extraordinary.   His name was Jim and this is what happened.

JIM: over 30 years old, Caucasian, military bearing, slight Manchester accent.

The Tip of the Spear won a prize for best play script at the Shore Lines (Writing for Performance) competition, Bunbury, May 2015.
An adaptation of this monologue was published in Swan Magazine Vol 28 No 4 (2015).
A radio version was recorded for broadcast by KCR-FM, Kalamunda in August 2015, directed by Terry Hackett with Douglas Sutherland-Bruce as Jim.
It premiered at the Old Mill Theatre, Perth in September 2015, directed by and starring Ray Egan as Jim.
Ray was awarded “Best Characterisation” for this role at the Hills (One-act) Festival of Theatre, Marloo, Perth in September 2015.  
It is also a finalist in the Macarthur Playwriting Festival, Sydney, where it will be produced in November 2015, directed by and starring Simon Cunningham as Jim.

This monologue is dedicated to that generation which grew up in the hardship of the Great Depression and, knowing full well the horrors of the first World War, went off to serve in the second. 
They were ordinary people who achieved the extraordinary.

Performance Rights
These may be obtained from
Moore Books SA, PO Box 417, Kilkenny 5009, South Australia          
or direct to the author,


John Lewington
Ph: 08 9405 1951

About the Author

I have been writing fiction and non fiction for a time and am an author to a veterinary textbook. Retiring I have continued to write fiction and gone onto writing plays with an 8 year membership of Stages WA where upon Iearnt dramaturgy and play set out and had several plays worked on by directors such as John Aitken, Michael McCall, Ingles Knight, Penny Low etc. I have a stable of plays covering drama, murder mystery, comedy, supernatural, and fantasy in the one act form and the full play of two and three acts.
At the moment I have nine two act plays and  13 one act plays on various topics.

LIST OF PLAYS to 2016     

 F/P  BASIL.                                8
 F/P  PAST VOICES.                          6
 F/P  DIFFERENT WAYS.                      10
 F/P YOU SCRATCH MY BACK. Drama              6
 F/P MISTAKEN IDENTITY                      6
 F/P HIT AND RUNNING.                        4
 F/P MURDERSHOT.                            12
 F/P THE INSPECTOR RECALLS.                 13
 F/P SO FAR SO GOOD.                         7

 PLUMBER’S DELIGHT. {St). Pocket Theatre)    4      
 A DETECTIVE’S WISH.(St). Marloo Theatre)    7
 JACK AND JILL CLIMB.(St). Garrick Theatre)  5
 WHICH WAY?                                  6
 PASSING IN THE PARK.                        4

 TRAIN LINES.                                7
 SOME BODY NEXT DOOR.                        5
 THE ANZAC TAPES.(Accepted OMT2015)          5

 FROM THE GROUND UP. Drama                   4
 HOUSE STORM. Drama                          5
 PORTRAIT OF MY LOVE. Drama                  4
 COMING BACK. Drama                          3

 THE RIB CAGE.                               5

F/P:  Two Act plays.
Drama: Dramaturgy Stages WA. Directors and Experienced actors.
Local theatre readings.      (St) Plays staged.    
Numbers of actors per play shown.

You Scratch My Back

You Scratch My Back
2 Act Murder Mystery in these Times
by John Lewington

Two men, Mark Dawn and David Smith, meet in a park with talk of murder. David has done a murder and Mark wants David to murder his wife. They go to Mark’s house where his wife Marian already knows David.  Marian and David want to set Mark up as the killer of the man David has already killed. Marian’s friend Liz, living next door, has had a previous affair with Mark. In the past Mark supposedly killed David’s son in a road accident and David has got in with Marian as he wants Mark to be up for murder, as he, David, was overseas at the time of the accident and his wife committed suicide at the death of their son. .Actually Liz was in the car with Mark when the son was killed. Liz had been driving as Mark had been drunk. DI Price and DC Prescott have to sort out the twists.

David Smith: 40s Handsome and bearded..Suit as Salesman as he has put out to be.
Mark Dawn: 35s Good looking.Tends to stutter when stressed. Good business man though.
Marian Dawn:30’s Well dressed. Much better than Liz..
Liz Hawthorn:30s Equally good looking. Rather scatter brain in company.
DI Alan Price:50s Plain clothes detective with rumpled character showing his age.
DC Jane Prescott:30s plain looking with glasses but actually brainy.

Staging Requirements: Brief description of setting

One set. Lounge  of the Dawns House. Basic low back settee stage centre.
Few chairs around .Painting on wall rear wall. Tea trolly to come in and go out.
Small drinks table. Stage right  entry. Stage left exit to rest of house.
      Approximate performance length in minutes 90 ( 45 min per act)


Performance Rights
These may be obtained from the playright John Lewington

Yvette Wall

About the Author

Yvette  has been involved in all things theatre since her primary school days as an actor, workshop facilitator/director, stage manager, producer and writer.  In recent years Yvette has focused more on writing one-act plays of various genres and monologues for young people. Over the last couple of years she has won two local writing awards and in 2016 one of her works, Looking at the Alps, won Best Production at the Norfolk Island Theatre Festival where the script was applauded. Yvette hopes to keep writing for a very long time yet as she firmly believes in the power of story to heal and inspire. 

Looking At The Alps

Looking at the Alps
One-Act Drama

Trin and Sal are lifelong friends who have shared a home for many years. They are yin and yang in many ways and take pleasure in comparing themselves to Thelma and Louise! Sudden news disrupts their lives. Past wounds resurface and secrets are revealed culminating in a final test of their friendship.

Character Breakdown:
Trin Watkins (70’s) -       Confident, in charge, witty, worldly, can be rather over the top.
Sally Ferguson (70’s)  -  Ordinary, ailing, conservative, relies on Trin.

Staging Requirements:
Trin’s loungeroom. Two armchairs with a coffee table in between.
One armchair has a pouffe at the end.

Approximate performance length 35 minutes

Performance rights:  $50 per performance

This play won Best Production at Norfolk Island Theatre Festival 2016


The Broken Slipper

The Broken Slipper
One Act Black Comedy
by Yvette Wall

Cinderella appears before the Fairytale Tribunal for refusing to marry Prince Charming and leaving her story. The Tribunal is headed by Grandma from Little Red Riding Hood with the Wicked Witch from Hansel and Gretel as second in charge and Snow White as Secretary and Administrator. Mayhem and hilarity reign as Cinderella’s fate is decided. Will anyone live happily ever after?

Grandma – elderly, wears a dress, cap and shawl

Wicked Witch – large nose with a wart on it, hideous appearance (can be played by a male)

Snow White – middle aged, wears glasses and a traditional Snow White Costume

Cinderella – young and beautiful, street wise, edgy

Prince Charming – a fop, dressed extravagantly

Staging Requirements: Brief description of setting

Grandma and Wicked Witch seated at one table/desk in the centre.
Snow White at a small desk to one side. Cinderella is seated in a chair on the other side.

Approximate performance length 35 minutes

Performance Rights
These may be obtained from the playright Yvette Wall ($50.00 per performance)


The Sisters of St Judas

The Sisters of St Judas
One-Act Comedy


Sister Job is left in charge of The Sisters of St Judas whilst Mother Superior is in Rome having bread and wine with the Pope! Order is disrupted and mayhem reigns when Mother Superior Superior comes to visit to judge the Sisters in the Nuns of the Year competition. Sisters Jezebel, Monk, Gabe and Benediction each do their best to ruin their chances of winning the competition leaving Sister Job to live up to her name!

Character Breakdown:

Sister Job – Middle aged. In charge. Under pressure. Tries hard to do the right thing.
Sister Jezebel - Ex prostitute. Kind hearted. Wears a nun’s habit shorter than the others.
Sister Benediction – Elderly. Has dementia. Delusional. Wears a ‘flying nun’s’ habit.
Sister Gabe – Tall. Masculine. A bit rough. Wears overalls and a habit. Played by a male.
Sister Monk- Has taken the vow of silence. Very animated like Marcel Marceau.
Mother Superior Superior – Elderly. Described as ‘a real cow’. Self-serving.

Staging Requirements:

Sister Job’s office. Desk and chair. Sidetable. Armchair.

Approximate performance length 35 minutes

Performance rights:  $50 per performance