Jack & the Beanstalk November 2011

Jack and the Beanstalk

The Darlington Theatre Players at Marloo Theatre present:
A pantomime for the November/December season: Jack and the Beanstalk.

This production promises to be a spectacularly entertaining show which will enchant everyone from the youngest to the oldest audience member.

Brendan Tobin, the director, has ensured that everyone in the audience has a magical time and George Boyd, his set designer and builder has constructed, with his assistants, a colourful setting which will equal his previous magnificent sets at Marloo. Amanda Minutillo and Emily Gelineau bring together an ensemble which will grace the stage in a fun-filled musical extravaganza.
Jack, played by the talented Sam Tye, encounters the Giant, played by Richard Milner and so the adventure unfolds. The choreography, by Donna Williams, will charm and delight.
Other cast members include Eileen Coleman, Kylie and Brittany Isaiah, Tim Prosser, Michael Hart and Jenny Trestrail. The costumes add to the thrill of it all, and are carefully crafted by Tracey Wood, Juliet Taylor and their assistants.

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