“The Lion In Winter”
written by James Goldman.

To be directed by Lynne Devenish
SEASON DATES 29th June to 14th July at MARLOO THEATRE

Set in 1182. A fictional tale drawn from historical material. To celebrate Christmas and discuss the succession to the throne, Henry II brings his 3 sons, Richard, Geoffrey and John to Castle Chinon in France. 
To add fuel to the fire, he also brings his estranged wife, Eleanor of Aquitaine, mother of the 3 princes. Having been imprisoned by him for 10 years, she is more than ready to stir the pot, particularly as he flaunts his mistress, Princess Alais of France. King Philip of France, Alais’ brother, is the extra guest fanning the flames.

HENRY PLANTAGENET Charismatic, physical, vigorous. Aged 50.
ALAIS CAPET Serenely beautiful, mistress of Henry. Aged 23.
PRINCE JOHN Short, thickset, pimply youth. Simple minded but cunning. Aged 17. 
GEOFFREY, DUKE OF BRITTANY Tall, thin, quick of speech and movement, brainiest of the boys. Aged 25.
RICHARD LIONHEART Eldest son, seasoned campaigner at war and politics. Like Henry, but larger. Aged 26. 
PHILIP, KING OF FRANCE Impressive youth. Tall, well proportioned, handsome. Aged 17.

Auditions will be by cold readings. Ages are historical fact, so “stage ages” are important.
Please call or email Lynne with expression of interest, and availability to audition on designated day,
or arrange alternate time/day.

LYNNE: 0488 906 076 or garrickarchives@hotmail.com (use Lion in Winter in the subject line)
Proposed AUDITION DATE: Saturday 17th MARCH 10:00 am – 1:00 pm
Rehearsals would commence as soon as possible after successful auditions