One Act Season 2017 

Enjoy 4 different short plays in one evening of entertainment at Marloo Theatre

The Mystery At Dunbar Mansion
Directed by Rachel Vonk
The guests at the Dunbar Mansion were nervous. It wasn’t the fact that a savage storm had taken their lights and they had to do with old candelabras. Nor was it the fact that there were strange noises in the very walls of the mansion. And it was not that the storm had taken out the old bridge and downed the telephone lines leaving them cut off from civilization until such time as the bridge was reopened or the telephone lines were repaired. No, it was the presence in the mansion of Inspector Wallingford. For wherever he stayed there seemed to be an outbreak of that most hideous of social misconduct: murder.

He Said And She Said
Directed by Taneal Thompson
A short and sweet comedy about friendship, gossip and the lack of eligible men during war time. Set in 1917 this play promises lots of quick snappy lines, gorgeous costumes and cocktails before dinner. 

Just A Straight Man
Directed by Guy Jackson
Trevor and Barney are a hit duo comedy act. They are waiting back stage preparing for another night at the Riviera Club. But Trevor and Barney are not the friends you would expect. Barney believes that Trevor is jealous of the laughs he gets and goads Trevor as being “just a straight man”. He then starts questioning Trevor about his state of mind and whether he needs counselling. As their tense interchanges continue, dark secrets begin to be exposed that lead to a giant twist that audiences won’t see coming.

Dinner For One
Directed by Ray Egan
James, the butler, is serving Miss Sophie at her celebratory 90th birthday dinner. In years gone by, Miss Sophie entertained four other guests but now only Miss Sophie is present. James, however, still serves the absent guests their drinks – with hilarious consequences. 
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